10 year old Jaguar Protection Detail with Ceramic Finish.

This low mileage Jaguar was a great find and value for it’s new owner who booked me in for a detail. Although – as expected for a 10 year old – the paintwork had a few scratches and one or two etched areas, it was decided that the primary concern was just how dull and lifeless the paintwork was. 

A protection detail was the base process which fully decontaminates the paintwork, revives, and protects.

As contamination was high I used a citrus cleaner (Outrageous Orange by Malco) and Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam to dwell on the car whilst all those awkward nooks and crannies were agitated with a detailing brush. This was then followed up by all the paintwork having a fallout remover treatment (Bilt Hamber Korrosol) and then my favourite new time saver, a Carbon Collective clay sponge.

Auto Finesse Rejuvinate was the paint cleanser of choice applied via machine before the paintwork was finished with my own Aegis Ceramic System which suited the owners requirements of long term protection and easy aftercare.

Wheels, windows, rubbers,plastics all protected and the engine bay also given the once over.

Approx 5hrs taken in somewhat humid weather.

Gallery pictures below starting with a few before process shots – decontamination and finished job

Client Review

Fantastic Job, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to any of my friends. very professional and gets results..My 10 year old Jag looks like new again!!!



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