10yr old Aston Vantage-Enhancement Detail-Kenolon Ceramic Shield

So a little bit of background to this one. The car had been treated by the dealership with Gardx sealant. Unfortunately (as is fairly common) no preparation work had been done prior to application. The poor girl was swirled, rough to the touch and just didn’t look her best – far from it!

After a good snowfoam and 2 bucket wash it was time to thoroughly inspect what I was up against.








Swirls galore!!.

Paintwork lacking any clarity, depth of shine or the lovely metallic “ping” associated with an Aston Martin.





Next stage was to fully decontaminate the paintwork. Iron fallout remover to start, rinsed down and onto a clay bar. I used a fine grade clay on this occasion so as not to mar the paintwork any more than necessary. Lets just say that this process saw that clay bar been disposed of after use! Clay mitts are all the rage currently and occasionally I will use one but find personally they can be less effective and have a habit of leaving the paintwork with more follow up correction than I desire.

Out came my trusty Flex VRG machine polisher. Combined with a medium pad and a light, self refining cutting compound I began the long patient task of getting rid of the light swirling and bringing the paint back to life.






During the process. You can see clearly where correction has been done.







The difference between corrected door and the rear wing yet to be tackled.



We are now into about 7 hours work. After checking with the client that he was happy with the level of correction it was time to prepare the paintwork for a layer of Kenolon Ceramic Shield. It is vital the paint is squeaky clean before application of any ceramic and to a good standard as it wont bond correctly and will just highlight the condition of the paintwork. This is why I have trouble grasping the concept of amateur application of any ceramic. Preparation experience is one thing, but apply a ceramic badly and your car will be streaky at best and it sure isn’t any easy process to take off again!






Application of Kenolon Ceramic Shield.



Application of the ceramic is to all painted surfaces with great care to ensure all areas covered. Miss a bit and it is glaringly obvious, especially on a dark car, as the difference is almost like applying a gloss varnish.

Wheels are also protected with Kenolon Ceramic Shield during the process. Once I was happy with the application it was time to take a few finished shots (below) and for the client to put her in the garage for a minimum of 12hrs to allow the coating to cure. I always prefer to re-visit the car the next day just to ensure the product has cured correctly and evenly.


 One of the most rewarding jobs of the year in terms of transformation. Thank you for reading.

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