BMW Ultimate Winter Preparation

As the clocks are changing this weekend I suppose we have to face the fact that Winter will soon be upon us. The Gleaming Car Co. is busy at this time of year protecting vehicles from the general salt and grime mix that we hate on our cars over Winter.

“So why bother” is the usual question I get asked, “It will just be a dirty again 100yds further down the road!”. Well I cant stop cars getting dirty, but certainly make them far easier to maintain during the Winter and ensure the paintwork is adequately protected along with the wheels.

A Protection Detail does just that and whilst my standard wax final layer is more than adequate to get through the Winter you can have my Aegis Ceramic Sealant preparation at just £70.00 extra when purchasing a Protection Detail which will provide years of protection and the sort of results seen here on this BMW prepared last week.


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