The process of applying IGL’s Ceramic 10h Graphene Reinforced Coating to this nearly new defender shows the level of expertise that we have at Gleaming Cars

IGL Ecocoat Kenzo Ceramic 10h Graphene Reinforced Coating application to this nearly new (2k on clock) Defender shows that The Gleaming Car Co in Market Rasen is a flagship center for IGL Coatings. We have a range of coatings available but IGL Ecocoat Kenzo is our top offering costing £400.00 for application of product*

It usually takes 2 days to prepare and ceramic coat a car for our clients. Preparation is absolutely key when applying any ceramic professionally. We take the first day to ensure the car is absolutely spotless and free of any contaminants including any previously applied waxes etc. All cars receive a light machine process not only to aid the paint cleanse routine as a minimum but to remove any light defects to the paintwork – usually caused by the dealership externally sourced valeting company – prior to handover of a new car.


The second day is spent coating the car. Application method varies slightly depending which product from the IGL Ecocoat range we are using, but all have a two layer application with the base layer and top layer slightly different in composition for the IGL Ecocoat Kenzo. Glass and wheels are also coated with coatings formulated specifically for those individual areas.

I find the coatings from IGL a breath of fresh air – quite literally. There are no nasty chemicals in their coatings unlike previous coatings I have used – their green credentials one of the reasons I chose to become a Master Installer for IGL Coatings.

  • 10h hardness
  • Graphene Reinforced Coating
  • 5 year warranty

*price is for application and does not include preparation costs.

To find out more about our ceramic graphene coating expertise take a look at our website.