The Gleaming Car Company delivers high quality ceramic car detailing services from it’s workshop in Lincolnshire.

If you are looking for a ceramic coating for your car in the Louth area then The Gleaming Car Co. is the perfect choice. Situated in the heart of Lincolnshire, The Gleaming Car Co. was established back in 2007 by John Clark who started out detailing cars  for discerning owners who appreciated John’s professional approach and his care and attention to detail. With a professional car detailing workshop in Market Rasen, it’s the perfect location for any person who has a prestige car in Louth or the surrounding areas who want to experience John’s exceptional detailing skills. As a satisfied customers says below:

“After searching for detailers in Lincolnshire, I found John and have been delighted with the service. Very professional, courteous and has done a fabulous job on our sunset orange metallic BMW M2.

Ceramic Car Detailing in Louth

The Benefits of Ceramic Sealants

Ceramic sealants have been available for some time now and continue to evolve with different levels of protection and longevity on offer. There is no doubt they have many advantages over traditional sealants solutions.

They are longer lasting, provide a much harder protective layer over your paintwork (harder than the paintwork itself) and will resist far better any swirls, scratches, road grime, tree deposits, bird poop and chemicals than other sealant solutions.

The extensive preparation in the detailing workshop prior to application, not only ensures correct bonding and protection, but an absolutely stunning finish.

The Gleaming Car Co have been in business for 14 years. We are fully insured and your car of course is fully insured whilst it’s with us and worked upon. We are a Flagship Centre for IGL Coatings providing an extensive range to suit different requirements and budgets.

So if you are looking for prestigious ceramic car detailing in Louth then give us a call on 07817 136596 to book in your vehicle. If you need more information or want to book online, visit our website here.