Frequently Asked Questions


I just want my car valeted, why do you just do “details”?

The Gleaming Car cleans cars to a high standard, taking time to ensure our customer’s cars are prepared beyond their expectations. Our service is far removed from what I consider the general perception of a valet – usually price orientated, done quickly using aggressive products such as traffic film remover and covering the interior with silicone based shine or the dreaded term “mopping”. My Mini Detail Plus is my take on how a Full Valet should be – taking at least 4hrs to perfect. Processes and products are all detailing related. With over 10 years in business you are employing a detailer to work on your car in a safe, professional manner at a competitive rate within the industry.


I am unsure what service to choose?

Understandable, it can be confusing. Just pick up the phone and give me a call to discuss your car and come up with a solution that fits the car and your budget. Always love to hear from potential clients.


Do you need a hosepipe?

No, water is onboard. I do need access to a power point however to run my extension cable from. The car needs to be off any busy street with enough room to open the doors fully.


How do I pay you?

Payment is on job completion via online bank transfer or cash.