Bentley Roller Brush Wash Rescue

Although on a Care Plan unfortunately she lost complete control one day and ended up in a roller brush car wash. 1 day of work saw her looking a lot better for the ordeal. Our Enhancement is designed to remove …

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1 year and 20,000 miles on a Care Plan


Finished with Race Glaze Black Label after a thorough paint cleanse routine with our Protection Detail today. I have looked after this one from new 12 months ago with monthly maintenance details taking around 2hrs just to keep on …

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Full Valet + Fabric Roof Cleaned

Fabric roof fully cleaned with dirt extracted from the fabric and Renovo Ultra Proofer used to protect from the elements which also contains UV protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor too.

When we clean and protect a fabric roof we …

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Snow Foam and Traffic Remover Film

Snow Foam

Snow foam has been around for some years now but always seems to attract attention when applied quite thick and I often get asked “why?” Not all snow foam is the same, some have Traffic Film Remover in them for …

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