What a gloomy couple of weeks weather wise. So this video taken when the sun WAS out a couple of weeks ago! Detailing and the services I offer are flexible – they need to be – as every car is different. This detail was done on a mobile basis in Bessacarr, Doncaster. It’s not uncommon for me to see the damage caused by poor use of a machine polisher, but this one was pretty bad!

A Paint Cleanse Detail removes all bonded contaminants from the paintwork to restore the paintwork to a smooth glossy appearance and adding in a single stage machine polish to remove light swirls and in this case many holograms.

All done in a day for less than £200.00. Does the car look £200.00 better for the treatment?

I am a strong believer that paint correction needs to be done at my workshop under controlled conditions and professional lighting, but often this isn’t necessary for a “basic” paint cleanse and enhance………if the weather is ok!