Yearly Visit Write Up on 7yr Old Range Rover Sport

One of this weeks detail saw me working on a Kensington blue Range Rover Sport that I externally detail on a yearly basis. I adapt details to suit the customers requirements and budget – this car been a good example of precisely that! A used daily car that the client wants to look clean and well protected, making his job a little easier for when he occasionally gives it a wash in the interim before I visit again in 12 months, without the cost of one of my listed detailing options.

So (as many people ask) why not bob down to the local hand car wash / valeting drive through? Hopefully this brief overview into what I do on a “very basic” bespoke detail process will give you an insight into why my clients choose The Gleaming Car Co.


09:30 arrive at clients’ house as arranged – yes I turn up at agreed times and on the odd occasion I am running late or indeed early, then a text or call would be made – just what I see is not just professional but polite! All I need is somewhere to plug in, so after 10 minutes of set up and confirming the process with the client it’s time for a good snowfoam to loosen dirt on the paintwork. I also use a detailing brush(far right) at this stage just to go around decals, in window shuts (usually a bit of green in those) and any other awkward areas before a good rinse down. The  car was “lifted” on to its’ highest setting so I could get into the arches too with a brush (far left). Next it was time for the wheels (middle 3) using a mixture of an alkali cleaner and metal fallout remover (this turns a purple colour on contact with contamination as per pic above). Inside of rims are done as standard – currently loving the EZ Detail brush (2nd from left) for this purpose.

10:30 finally time to wash the vehicle when I always use a grit guarded 2 bucket method, favoring a lambswool wash mitt. A rinse down, door shuts wiped clean and bodywork dried with a Purple Monster drying towel – must make a note to buy some equally soft,plush towels for the bathroom! Lower 1/3rd tar removal from paintwork and any metal contamination removed with Korrosol.

Wheels then given a polish with heat proof sealant, paintwork treated with Collinite Insulator wax (as in previous years), tyres and trim with Finish Kare Top Kote and external glass polished.

12.30 job complete. 3hr detail leaving this car clean, protected with a deep shine and a happy client. Look forward to seeing you again next year.


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