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Paint Cleanse Detail

This is the foundation of any detailing routine. Ideal for when you are happy to live with the level of swirls or scratches in your paintwork or lucky enough to have non at all!

Our Protection Detail involves an intensive cleanse of all exterior surfaces removing bonded contaminants (that would not be removed from a wash process alone) to ensure perfect preparation for the protection stage. Ideal at any time of the year and recommended as an annual treatment.

Gloss will be enhanced, distinct depth of shine apparent and you will be assured that your car is protected going forward from a range of waxes, sealants or ceramic graphene coatings.


exterior detailing

pH neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell, gently lifting and loosening road grime.

Rinse down complete car paying specific attention to wheel arch areas and also underneath the vehicle as appropriate.

Alloys cleaned including the inside of the rim with a non-acidic wheel cleaner and further treated as necessary to remove any bonded contamination.

2 bucket wash with lambswool wash mitt, grit guards and pH neutral shampoo

Door shuts cleaned.

Dried with a fluffy deep pile microfibre towel.

Tar spots gently lifted from paintwork.

Metal contamination removed from paintwork

Fine grade clay bar/mitt used to lift off bonded contaminants from paintwork.

Machine applied paint cleanser and gloss enhancer to further gently cleanse and start adding depth of shine.

Last stage protection applied – wax, hybrid or ceramic / graphene as agreed

All door and window seals treated and plastics conditioned

Wheel sealant applied as agreed

Tyres dressed to a natural finish.

Exhaust tips and any other chrome / metal work polished.

Glass cleaned and treated with optional sealant

What area do we cover?

The Gleaming Car Co. Mobile Services cover Doncaster and surrounding areas.

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Phillip Wilson – Mustang

“Absolutely outstanding service. I had the kenzo coating and it looks amazing on my mustang. 10/10. Will be using again.

testimonial mustang

Richard Hazel – BMW M2

“After searching for detailers in Lincolnshire, I found John and have been delighted with service. Very professional, courteous and has done a fabulous job on our sunset orange metallic BMW M2.

testimonial bmw

Mr White –

The attention to detail John puts into his work is incredible. I thoroughly recommend his services and will be using him in the future. Very happy Customer.


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