New Car Detail

It’s always an exciting time taking collection of a new car and dealers are usually quick to sell some sort of protection, which in our experience usually doesn’t last that long or look that impressive.

Over 10 years I have been protecting and making new cars look substantially different from when collected, which is usually of some surprise as most people presume when it leaves the showroom it will be the best the car will ever look – how wrong they are!

The Gleaming Car Co have perfected the process to provide you with not only paintwork which has a wet, glossy depth to it, but offers very high levels of hard ceramic protection against road grime, UV light, bird lime and tree sap with the added benefit of your car being SO much easier to maintain.

The advantage of using The Gleaming Car Co rather than your dealership to apply a coating is down the time I take in preparation and in a lot of cases the quality of sealant used and correct method of application. Dealerships will not spend hours to ensure your new car is prepared to its maximum potential!

Even a new car requires a full paint cleanse via clay mitt / bar and other external processes to ensure the paintwork is crystal clean to ensure not only the correct “bond” between sealant and paintwork is achieved, but to ensure paintwork is at it’s absolute best visually before a ceramic application. Especially in the case of our 9H rated Kenolon Ceramic Shield as once applied it isn’t easily removed!

Further info on our ceramic sealants can be found here.