A paint cleanse detail offers a more silky smooth finish than a traditional valet.

I’m often asked what are the benefits of a detail over a valet as the differences are usually only apparent once you run your hands over the paintwork. Without going into the widely differing standards, processes and prices that are out there, I thought it may help to explain the differences externally between my Classic Full (“valet”) and my base detailing option the Paint Cleanse Detail.

Firstly lets get the pricing out of the way. A medium sized car on a full valet routine is currently at £100.00 compared to £150.00 for the outside only on the Paint Cleanse Detail. Clients in the know don’t buy from me on a price alone decision anyway – so admittedly many of the “how much” enquiries don’t go any further. That’s a topic for a separate blog on its own! But the extra cost is justified to take the jump up in my opinion as the results are worth it.

I think maybe it’s just a default request asking for a valet – but it is a bit like asking for a coffee from a barista!



So onto the difference and why a detailed car looks better than a typically valeted one. Basically it’s down to the cleanliness of the paintwork in the first instance, which may sound strange as both options have the same wash process (snow-foam, 2 bucket grit guarded, wash mitt) and a tar spot removal method. However it’s what you can’t necessarily see with the naked eye in the form of bonded contaminants that are removed on a Paint Cleanse Detail. You can however feel them with your hand – try it next time you have wash and dried your car – running your hand lightly over the paintwork and it should feel silky smooth – not rough or bumpy.

With a mixture of different detailing methods I safely remove those contaminants from the paintwork using either a clay mitt or bar, paint cleansing liquid and a light machine polish among other chemicals and processes.

Once contaminants are removed its a transformation of the paintwork. A wonderful clarity and depth of gloss is restored and the surface is ready for whatever last stage protection we have discussed as in a wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

Despite the Z3 pictured being 20 years old the process of a Paint Cleanse Detail rejuvenated this car and many others to their former glory – and more.

For cars stored outside I would recommend this option once a year.

The Gleaming Car Co. can detail your car on a mobile basis in the Doncaster area and also has a workshop in Market Rasen.